Poster promoting the exhibition of graduates of the graphic department
Travelling in space, poster promoting a travel book
n. the kind of unnoticed excellence that carries on around you every day, unremarkably—the hidden talents of friends and coworkers, the fleeting solos of subway buskers, the slapdash eloquence of anonymous users, the unseen portfolios of aspiring artists—which would be renowned as masterpieces if only they’d been appraised by the cartel of popular taste, who assume that brilliance is a rare and precious quality, accidentally overlooking buried jewels that may not be flawless but are still somehow perfect.


The National Library of Ireland is always working to encourage more people to read for pleasure. There is so much competition for our leisure time with many people preferring box sets or social media surfing to sitting down with a book. The focus of this years awareness building push from the NLI is to pique peoples interest around new words that have yet to make it into the Oxford English Dictionary. 


Challenge is to help a word of your choice find its’
way into common usage and thereby enable it to find its’
place into the Oxford English Dictionary. To promote your
word you are tasked to design a poster that delivers to
the viewer: the word; the definition; the meaning.
A poster promoting the exhibition in the museum

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