The client briefing for this project was  delivered via entrepreneurs of the New Frontiers programme 
at our campus. 8 individual businesses are providing individual briefs Initially the class was divided
 into groups of 2-3 students.
As part of a group client that I have been assigned is the American composer and cellist Adele O’Dwyer.
She is also the founder of Emsona v.1. The vision of this online learning project is nothing new, but the aim
of Emsona v.1, it is to enable everyone to participate in the event, to overcome barriers and deepen the understanding of musical thought. It is a kind of process that integrates man with nature in its entirety.
By learning, we nurture personal development, and musical experience will expand awareness and heal
all barriers/imperfections.
Legacy Idea
Embrace the journey
Embody the music
Empower the artist.
logo concept and visual identification
brand logo concept and visual identification
logo concept and visual identification 
fashion brand, logo concept
logo concept 

first academic year
Cakes factory logo

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