Designed and handabelled by three woman from the oopsee3 team in Athlone, Ireland. Worldwide delivery. Please note this product is designed to be an artistic/typographic object. The pills inside (liquid and chocolates)are not intended to be injected. Positive thinking helps people smile.

Various political and historical transformations at the turn of the century tried to take advantage of women and remove them from the most important places, science and positions.  Each generation of women had the same goal. Women, however, have always been stubborn and consistent. Women took part in the liberation of their homeland. They are scientists, politicians, artists and wonderful mothers, daughters, granddaughters, grandmothers. Unfortunately, women are also discriminated against at work and in various areas of life.
Women, however, never give up. They are sensitive, empathetic, inventive, strong and independent. 
The modern world favours women, despite the fact that many men wish to keep us from power, science and various forms of learning and recreation. Women have long ceased to be naive ladies who can do nothing and all they can do is embroidery and smile nicely. (stereotype)
I remember my friend hearing during the first job interview: You have only advantages and one disadvantage - you are a woman. Yet we don't want to compete with men. We are great professionals. We do great in many areas of life, we are full of passion and we have not burned bras for a long time.
If men do not learn from their experiences so far, if they continue to keep women in the shadow of social life… it will end badly for them. After all, men are aggressive and responsible for overpopulation and environmental pollution. Our priority is the slogan - do not see gender.
We do our job and do not care about those who discriminate against us, but we worry about the weaker, persecuted, depressed, or somehow persecuted because of gender or social, cultural or religious affiliation. That is why we offer specifics for all forms of violence.
What is important in this manifesto is that our genes favour us. We are responsible and reliable.
FemiSoon – manifesto 
Your health promises to be delicious. Two doses a day will get you on your feet. Everything will change - at work, health and customs. Jokes, relationships with partners and with children. Ads for depression pills will be more bearable. 
"The superiority of chocolate over patriarchy - in the case of chocolate, size does not matter." Work, home, health, customs. We managed everywhere, it's only a matter of time, girls give power.

We give you Love & empathy, humanism and pure power, a world free from any kind of violence - physical, economic, psychological, sexual.

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