I draw my artistic inspiration from the raw power, beauty, and strength of the Irish landscape. Since my move from Poland to Ireland, the untamed nature, especially during the winter months, has particularly captivated me. This experience has nurtured my passion for integrating natural shapes, textures, and forms into my graphic design work.
My creative pursuits span various mediums, encompassing arts, photography, poetry, and prose. Notably, I've achieved success in publishing several books in my native language. My years of choral singing have further honed my skills in teamwork, precision, organization, and punctuality.
My creative process mirrors my sensitivity and is evident in how I meticulously structure my thoughts. 
While I embrace patience and persistence, I also embody a tenacious spirit that learns from mistakes while continuously forging my unique path.
Thanks to my extensive life experiences and well-developed design thinking, I excel in problem-solving.
My proficiency in graphic design, typography, and information architecture is showcased in my portfolio, including book design, photography, and other projects. I possess a profound understanding of the product development lifecycle and thrive on challenges, especially those in photography, UX design, graphic design, and digital design.
I am not solely a designer but also a photographer committed to delivering visually captivating content.
Over the past 12 years, I've painstakingly honed my eye for detail and developed a profound appreciation for the art of photography. My primary focus revolves around still-life product photography, where
I specialize in capturing the essence of products in a compelling and aesthetically pleasing manner. Additionally, I create engaging portraits of individuals in diverse settings. I achieve this by employing various lighting techniques to craft the desired mood and consistently produce high-quality images.
In summary, my journey as a creative professional is characterized by a passion for the beauty of nature
and a dedication to translating this inspiration into exceptional design and photography. I'm always eager to explore new challenges and push creative boundaries. If you're in search of a dedicated and innovative designer and photographer, I enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to collaborate.
Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers and The Institute of Designers in Ireland.

Designer, visual artist, columnist for "eleWator". Author of poetry collections: Czekając na Malinę (Waiting for Malina, 2012), Liczby Nieparzyste (Odd Numbers, 2014), Mullaghmore (2016), Pierwsze wspomnienie wielkiego głodu (The first memory of the great famine 2017). Podróżowanie w przestrzeni (Travelling in space 2021).
Graphic designer, visual artist, and columnist for 'eleWator.' I'm also the author of poetry collections: 'Czekając na Malinę' (Waiting for Malina, 2012), 'Liczby Nieparzyste' (Odd Numbers, 2014), 'Mullaghmore' (2016), 'Pierwsze wspomnienie wielkiego głodu' (The first memory of the great famine, 2017), and 'Podróżowanie w przestrzeni' (Travelling in space, 2021).
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