Let’s Animate - Icarus 
Immerse yourself in the world of myths and moral messaging using Icarus. 
This myth is understood very differently - as a metaphor of the danger of approaching the truth. Also as a warning against excessive self-confidence, crazy ambitions, excessive pursuit of perfection or immorality. All these features occur together in same people. Such people are very ambitious, but they easily break down under the influence of failures. So they want to undergo same kind of internal transformation and achieve perfection. That is why they are fascinated by everything
that is associated with power - lightning, fire, power, flaying. Elements and their violent changes symbolize
metamorphosis and power.
I was inspired by the Chernobyl series and world events to create this animation. Failures of nuclear power plants and the explosion of the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima always have a negative impact on human life today, in the era of nuclear terror, we don't know nothing about future but we know that the side effects of these tragedies are dire. After irradiation, my character Ikar/Bob locked, he dreamed of a normal life. Under the influence of comic culture, he decided to change something in his life. We the risk taken good choice?
 This is effective opener story because it immediately creates intrigue and mystery. What did Bob? Who's after his? He eventually hit the road and subsequently take risks. And this guy menus routine, sadness, life no purpose if there's any rule in the animation, I think it's that the rules are always changing. I don’t limit myself to what I think I can or can't do. Just telling Bob's story in the most effective way possible, is a dark satire about emotional limitations that have firmly rooted in his head and haw it exploits gifted a cape. It's more stream of consciousness. 
Depressive figure, closed in on himself before the world looking for a solution for himself, but he afraid to go ahead living in routine activities from day to day he sat at the foot of the bed read comics or moved to the window and looked outside.
There was trac and cheerfulness everywhere on the street. He eat irregular meals, he did like bright light. His room, is empty, melancholy. There are posters with his image and history on the wall. He was well educated and had extraordinary intuition. Nuclear war has revealed his third eye.

ATHLONE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BA Graphic Design Year 2 2019 - 2020

Module: Imaging Creation & Animation 

Margo McNulty
Pól O’Neill
Steph Smyth
Deaglan Campbell

Music: The Door, Hildur Guðnadóttir

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