POINT OF VIEW - margo poludniak

The portfolio is about one thing — design thinking.
My favorite graphic designer, Wolfgang Weingart, passed away in July 2021. Throughout my studies at the university, it was Weingart who mainly inspired me, and his words and actions pushed me to cross boundaries and to think boldly.
Weingart wanted to explore the semantic function of typography: modifying the appearance of type itself and adjusting letter spacing and word spacing as well as the size and weights of individual characters to intensify, qualify or even disguise meaning. “What’s the use of being  legible when nothing inspires you to take notice of it?” 
Weingart’s work was always the result of a long and intensive period of rumination, as he 
explained: “Creative design work wears you down physically. For a poster I need twelve weeks from the initial concept to work out all the technical details and get the film ready for press. {...} The craziest ideas come especially at night. I set them down in brief sketches and carry them around with me until I’ve forgotten what they were for, or I feel the time is right to make one more attempt to complete the project. This constant collecting of ideas, which are then set down in words and drawings is an essential step towards further development. It is a way of slowly working one’s way into the technical process 
of the project and preparing oneself for a new encounter with technology.” 
In my portfolio, I try to reflect his ethos.

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