There are many areas of design that I am interested in, so it was difficult to make a choice. I already have some editorial experience, so this influenced my decision as it is an area of strength. I also enjoy visualizing brands and creating new products. Crafting something entirely new gives me immense satisfaction because it allows me to tackle fresh challenges, thereby increasing my knowledge and gaining experience.

The project idea was conceived in response to the expectations of my friends abroad who are keen to purchase my travel photos. Many of them have either visited or plan to visit places in Ireland and are looking for a guide that offers more than just visuals, such as short stories, information about a place/region, and directions on how to get there.

When taking photos, I seek to capture the interplay of light and darkness to create strong contrasts, in addition to focusing on composition. I also aim to include something elusive that captures the essence of each place, its spiritual resonance, hence my explorations along mystical and historical paths and trails.

My works represent a subjective perception of reality; they are not about mirroring the environment but about crafting an individual experience.​​​​​​​
Copyright © Malgorzata Poludniak, 2022
Copyright © The Moea, 2022

photos, graphics, cover design, typesetting, folding: Malgorzata Poludniak

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Graphic and Digital Design

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